Surrealism – A 1920s Art Movement

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Surrealism Art – This art movement is all about creating strange creatures from ordinary objects and it was said to be influenced by Dada and Abstract Art. This movement was created in the 1920s for helping unconsciousness to prompt itself. One of its co-founder Andre Breton, a famous French writer and poet, once said that this art aims on liberating the imagination and resolving the dreams or reality into super-reality.

Painting your imaginations and portraying your dreams in a factual world doesn’t mean it is an escape from real life. Its impact is extended to literature, visual arts, music and film, and politics as well. Although surrealism art was coined early, it was officially originated from Paris and spread in many other countries and languages around the globe. This artform looks nonsense and a result of random thoughts that no require any control, reason, and moral concern.

What Does Surrealism Mean in Art?

surrealism surrealism art - surrealism 300x189 - Surrealism – A 1920s Art MovementMelting timepieces, bowler hat man, unusual everyday objects, dream sequences, but also weird happenings, this is surrealism art. The word surrealism means bizarre, irrational, and unreasonable. When it comes to arts, surrealism is one that connects the imaginary world and planet of dreams to the real world with a revolutionary force within it.

Even after more than one hundred years of its origin, contemporary artists are keeping the art movement alive by putting a modern art spin on surrealism. The most interesting fact about this art form is that its emergence was followed by World War One and its expansion to other countries was led up to World War Two.

Surrealism Techniques

This art movement was contradictory, ambitious, and most important it was quite complex because of the irrational use of everyday objects. There are almost 30 different methods and techniques of surrealism arts that were being invented with the passage of time and every one of them got its popularity in different countries across the globe.

We will discuss some of the most popular techniques that are helping surrealism in maintaining its position in the world of arts;

    • AutomatismOut of a large number of surrealism techniques, automatism is the first of all these. Andre Breton was written about it in his 1924 publication “Surrealist Manifesto”. He defined surrealism as psychic automatism in its clean form. This state is uttered by thoughts with no control and reason.

      automatism surrealism surrealism art - automatism surrealism - Surrealism – A 1920s Art Movement

The unconscious mind of the artist is the one performing that time by overpowering the conscious state of the brain. The conscious mind is conquered by reason and controlled by social manners that’s why it is required to be overridden by an unconscious state of mind.

  • BulletismThis technique deals with no preplanned work and sequences in the art-making process. Artist keeps shooting different color inks on a blank canvas until he saw something in this inkblot. After that, he developed an image that was totally based on what he has seen from the irregular ink stains.
  • Collage
    This technique was first introduced in visual arts and gained popularity in music afterward. Irregularities in assembling different forms and shapes to make a whole new one portrait are termed as collage. Not all these different shapes and forms need to have some sort of connection or link between them.
  • Dream Resume
    dream resume surrealism art - surrealism dream resume 300x197 - Surrealism – A 1920s Art MovementArtists employ imagery that is totally based on his dreams. That means that technique doesn’t apply to what the artist sees or thinks when he is awake. Only dreams decide what artist is going to draw and which objects will be used for his dream-like imagery.
  • Chance Operations
    One most popular post-World War Two experimental technique is chance operations which work without dependence on the artist’s will. It means they outsource their creativity under the controls of materials like sands on glue stains, a random composition by shadows, and burnt photographic negatives.
  • Triptography
    This technique works with photography and filmography in which negatives of three different and same photographs are placed at different angles to make a new photograph with no define edges and clear subjects. In filmography, three different and same rolls of film are used to create a new one.
  • Uncanny Art
    surrealism uncanny art surrealism art - surrealism uncanny art - Surrealism – A 1920s Art MovementThe use of familiar objects and images that have no association with each other and their combination may surprise us. These uncanny images have a long impact on our brains and we just can’t forget them. Melting watches, long noses, irregularity in face making, and lobster on a telephone set are common models of this technique.

What Surrealism have in it?

In today’s world, it is a little bit confusing and difficult to recognize surrealism art because it is related to the Dada art movement and contemporary artists are also using the same techniques of surrealism. But there is nothing to worry about as we will help you to identify the real surrealism art out of every other related art movements.

A painting only lies in the surrealism arts category when it possesses the following characteristics;

  • Fantasy
    Imagery and portraits must show the dreamy world of the artist. Creator’s thoughts, imaginations, and dreams are being translated in this art form, and it’s not the reality that is being dictated through the canvases.
  • Unexpected Composition
    surrealism unexpected composition surrealism art - surrealism unexpected composition 300x259 - Surrealism – A 1920s Art MovementThe final alignment of images and structure of objects must look unexpected as there is not logic and sequence is involved through this art-making process.
  • Bizarre Show of Ordinary Objects
    Although this art form deals with common things, the arrangement of these items and images end up in a bizarre presentation. There might be no relation between the items that are being used in one portrait.
  • Own Iconography
    The use of images and objects can create meaning that only refers to the artist’s soul. The icons or symbols that are used in the art-making process can also vary with the country’s culture. In simple words, the final structure or imagery can have a deeper meaning.
  • Visual Puns
    Surrealism also pacts with the wordplay that may have multiple meanings, usually used to create humor. This characteristic is commonly found in surrealism art which is being produced in Great Britain where canting arms are extensively used.

Why Surrealism is Important?

This artform left revolutionary consciousness art behind and translating imaginations, fantasies, and thoughts into super-reality having meaning much deeper than actual reality. There is a wide range of techniques that emerged from the surrealist art movement and these techniques are still in use by the various popular artist in this modern age. From integrating common objects to experimenting with automatism and from the disorienting effects for the collage to summoning the uncanny images, all these practices are widely used, and this is what holds the significance of surrealism even after a century.

Most Popular Surrealism Paintings

  • The Son of Man – by René Magritte
    This painting is a self-portrait of the artist. In this painting, a man is standing in front of a low wall, wearing an overcoat and a bowler hat and a green apple is covering his face very well.
  • Swans Reflecting Elephants – by Salvador Dalí
    Salvador Dalí painted a double image very well in which swans are floating in the water in front of leafless trees and reflection of both swans and trees combined to form elephants that seem like standing underwater.surrealism arts surrealism art - surrealism arts - Surrealism – A 1920s Art Movement
  • Golconda – by René MagritteAnother most popular surrealist painting by Magritte in which he portraits the scene of raining men, wearing overcoats and bowler hats. You can also say that these men are floating up like helium balloons or they are suspended in the air.

Most Expensive Surrealist Art

  • Painting (Blue Star) – by Joan Miró
    1927 masterpiece of Joan Miró had set a record as the world’s most expensive painting from the surrealist art movement, when it was sold for more than 31 million dollars in June 2012. The real name of this work of art is in French that says Peinture (Étoile Bleue).

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Surrealism Art

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