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Marek Borkowski
United Kingdom
Citação favorita
I am therefor I see more than the eyes can see.
About My Art
Marek's art expresses the unseen, the unimaginable energy which cannot be described in any words, in any languages. His work is to express and or expose the complexity and disfunction of the heavily conditioned, often wounded, deeply suppressed and overflowing mind. Since his mind is open, it absorbs other's emotions, including psychic energy. The exposure and or expression is not only about his mind, it is more to express the society mind. Each painting is a spontaneous and effortless work, he often feels that he is guided by the unknown, some mystical sources and or energy. Every painting expresses emotions present at a time of creating a piece of artwork. Some of his works represent a few emotions, other are much more complex and deeper with layers and layers of different intensity of energy often blended with psychic energy. In his work, Marek uses different media like; plaster, sharp sand, and heavily woven textile to underline the layers and different degrees of emotions and or energy. Most of Marek's artworks are untitled because he says no words would ever describe that, instead he invites viewers to connect with an object and see or feel that for themselves.
Sobre Mim
Marek was born in Poland, permanently living in United Kingdom.
He has been painting for over 20 years, but it was more like a hobby until the beginning of 2020. He couldn't suppress his creativity any longer. The urge to paint has overtaken his controlling mind. After a long break, he painted his first piece at the end of April 2020. It was the beginning.
Since that his works have been shown not only in United Kingdom but in Europe even in Canada.

September 2020: International Contemporary art fair in Marbella, Spain @VanGoghartGallery in Madrid.
September 2020: Virtual exhibition @DagazArt Gallery
September 2020: Competition and finalist exhibition @TallSequoia Gallery in Cana
October 2020:" Out of Balance" Group exhibition in London @Itsliquidgroup
November 2020: Virtual Exhibition @VirtualArtists
November 2020: Online exhibition @Artgallerysw
December 2020: invitation to take part in a group exhibition in Genova, Italy @ DIVUGATI. He opted out of it because of the pandemic.
December: Marek has been invited by Heinz Playner, the curator,
art critic and director of the Paks Gallery in Austria to be represented by the gallery in major art events in Europe.

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