Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?

original art - Original Art 1038x1038 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?

Original art has so much worth that it can cost you even millions of dollars, especially when it is created by a well-known artist. Original art can be referred to as first of all the upcoming copies that represent the actual creativity and idea of the artist and portraits his actual story behind these colors on the canvas.

In simple words, a painting is called an original piece of art when it was painted by its first painter by using a fresh idea. The authenticity of the painting for its uniqueness is also important.

Why buy Original Art?

Today’s world’s most often asked question is that when original art is that expensive then why we should buy the original work?

The answer is simple that you should praise the work of an original artist, not the work of a copycat. Because there are a story and creativity of the artist attached to that painting and it might take years to build an authentic masterpiece when it comes to a series of paintings.

Duplication and other copies that are made afterward are not worthy of your money. Because it doesn’t have a unique idea and story and the original piece might be owned by someone else in the world. The original pieces that are old too are much in demand because they had exchanged the hands of elites across the world and a huge amount is also spent to restore the damaged pieces.

What Makes Art So Expensive?

Expensive Original Art original art - Expensive Original Art 219x300 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?Art and creativity is not a thing whose value can be defined. It’s not the matter of the price of paper or color used or the method which decides its worth. Basically, art is a mind game, to create a splendid and eye-catching painting a lot of time and effort is consumed which in turn elevates its rate. A simple rule is used to decide the price of art that is greater the difficulty in forming it more the price will be. There are some other factors as well which makes art so expensive. Let’s have a brief discussion on them.

  • Genuine
    No doubt the original thing costs a lot valuable than the copied one. Because the original painting imparts the true meaning of the artist’s thoughts which make it more valuable.
  • Ancestry
    The most crucial reason which describes why art is so expensive. The art is not expensive for all the artists. It actually depends on the origin and source from where it belongs. The artist’s name who created a painting or the well-known gallery which exhibits it can raise its value automatically.
  • Technique
    If an artist uses a very unique technique for illustrating his/her ideas or story, then it’s a key for determining the cost of the art. Because all techniques are not that worthy.
  • Colors
    Original Art Color original art - Original Art Color 300x149 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?The colors used in a painting can also make it valuable. The selection of vibrant color, or light and dull combination of colors or any color type chosen for painting what’s in the artist’s mind and portray an interesting piece of art at the end, will become worthy.
  • Style
    As the world is emerging with new flairs in each field, art is also evolving with new styles. So, following the new trendy styles can make your art esteemed and valued. Styles from the past that are adopted with its emergence as a new one, also adds value to the painting.

What is the Best-Selling Type of Art?

Best Selling Type of Art original art - Best Selling Type of Art 300x244 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?As already mentioned, original arts are worth millions of dollars due to their uniqueness and exceptionality. When it comes to the medium of the painting, the most expensive and best-selling art type is “Oil on Canvas” or “Oil Painting”. There is huge work done in this medium by renowned painter and it is one oldest method of expressing your emotions and ideas on a blank canvas.

The most expensive painting of all time is also from this medium, Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci, created in 1500. This masterpiece was auctioned for more than 450 million dollars in November 2017. If you look at the list of most expensive paintings, you will come to know that more than ninety percent of these are oil paintings. It supports our point because it means that big art collectors love oil paintings.

When it comes to the painting themes or subjects, there is a small list of art themes that competes with each other in the best-selling category.

  • Abstract ArtUse of shapes, colors, symbols, and gestural marks to attain an effect on a canvas.
  • LandscapesPaintings of mountains, rivers, trees, lake, and valley with a wide view.
  • SeascapesPaintings that usually deal with the sea, water waves, and beaches.
  • Self-PortraitsRepresentation of an artist on the canvas by that artist.
  • Nude PaintingsRepresentation of love and lust through nudity.

Nude Original Art Painting original art - Nude Original Art Painting 300x265 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?

Famous Art Collectors

To be an art collector one should not only be a rich person. He/she should have taste, knowledge, and understanding of art. If you are rich and buy the most expensive painting from a gallery but don’t understand your purchase, then you are not a good art collector. Spending a big part of your money on art shows your vivacious and optimistic nature towards the culture. Many art collectors in past mark their name in the list of top art collectors because of the art cluster they have. Currently, we have many collectors as well who are following the trend of collecting art pieces. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Steve Cohen
    He is a billionaire started collecting art pieces in the year 2000. He used to spend hundreds of million dollars to amass the implausible art collection. The estimated net amount which he consumed for his art pool is about $ 13 billion.
  • Eli and Edythe Broad
    original art - Original Art Eli and Edythe Broad 300x154 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?Eli and Edythe Broad have the most expensive and impressive art collection of about $2.2 billion. The collection includes almost 2000 artworks of more than 200 artists.
  • The Rubell Family
    They have been collecting the masterpieces of art from the past 50 years. They have a collection of tremendous art of more than 7000 works of more than 1000 artists worth billions of dollars.

How to Differentiate Old Original Painting from Reproduction?

There are a lot of Mona Lisa paintings are available in the market that looks exactly the same as the original one which is currently exhibited in Louvre Museum, Paris since 1797. All the other famous paintings have their fake pieces too, existing in the art market. So, when you need to buy the original one, you must know how to extract the unique piece out of all other fake copies.

It’s not that much difficult job that you might afraid of. You must follow the below-mentioned steps in order to find out the originality;

  • Turn Over the Back of the Painting
    Although the front side of the old and fake paintings look the same, the backside of the paintings can easily tell you its authenticity. If the canvas is very white from the backside and the edges of the bars are not oxidized, the painting is not old, and it is a copy of the original oil painting.
  • Look at the Piece in Person
    Don’t trust a digital image of a painting, because you can ensure its originality by just looking at its digital photo. You must look at the piece in person before buying it or always try to buy from the trusted and registered online platforms.
  • Frame Can Tell
    Frame Original Art original art - Frame Original Art 300x163 - Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?The frame of the painting is also a factor when you are judging the authenticity of it. If the wood is not oxidized and frame paint looks plain or has no holes, that arises a number of questions. Your sense can also tell the difference between old wood and a new one.
  • Signature of the Painter
    Last but not least that can save you from fraud by buying a fake piece of painting. Signatures are much easier to fake than the style and composition of the paintings. So, don’t trust the signature even if it seems right.

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