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19 November 2020

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19 November 2020

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Petar Sibenik
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About My Art

I paint in the original style oil on canvas recently I started painting with 24 carat gold and varnished the paintings so that they look exclusive, a different dimension from the usual painting, the paintings radiate beauty, the paintings are found all over the world, I am represented by the Makowski World Gallery in Berlin and new york, the paintings have a special beauty that the audience is happy to recognize and want.

About Me
I am Petar Šibenik, a Croatian painter, I was born in 1984. I learned painting from private teachers of the world famous lady Diana Sokolic according to the program of 10000 working hours, they also study old masters, Rembrandt, vangog, Cabanel, Bukovac and developing their own painting manuscript, the audience recognized my paintings and are in demand all over the world especially in Usa, I am represented by the Makowski Consciousness Gallery in Berlin and New York, my mission is to beautify this world with my paintings and make it a better place

Petar Sibenik

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