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Jo Lenz
Favorite Quote
Only someone who grows up and remains a child is a person. (Erich Kästner)
About My Art
I love it to stalk how the color leaves the brush. It remembers me on my childhood. I did like to paint evereywhere. And I did like the feeling of wet brushes onto my hand. I am working with water colors on wet paper. After drying I am looking for figures an stories and doodle it with fineliners. It's like watching to clouds and giving them names. Sometimes I met monsters. Sometimes Aliens. And sometimes there are two they found eachother for a kiss. Never I know before, what it will be. And never I can repeat it. All pictures are by their own.
About Me
I am poet. Writer. Artist. Musician. Lover. Traveller. Mother of two young adults. I am animal lover. Always a child by myself. Not in winter time, but in the rest of the year I am mostly barefoot on my ways. I love it to live outside. In my stories I'm telling about survive and about persons, who are standing alone and are fighting for themselfs. My food is mostly vegan. I don't wanna support the missstand of industrial animal production. Sometimes I am reading poems and short stories at reading stages of Berlin. I miss it in this time. Now do you have the chance, to listen my stories with these pictures here. If you are quiet enough, maybe they will told you their inner story.

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