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Studio Shadows

Mixed media abstract painting. Materials used are acrylic, gesso and gold leaf.

28 January 2021

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28 January 2021

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Gillian Carson
Favorite Quote
The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but those inward significance’ Aristotle
About My Art
My art concerns itself with the passing of years and the natural patination and weathering of time. My interests are involved with how we see ourselves in terms of infinity. How art and artefacts age - yet defy ageing and the ways we relate to our ancient past. I have a fascination with religious art and iconography and the way in which our mortality links in with these artefacts. I want the viewer to closely examine my work and be moved by its timelessness. I wish to create an atmosphere of mystery but at the same time evoke a feeling of deja-vu. My larger more abstract pieces are a magnification of these ideas both literally and metaphorically.
About Me
I graduated with a first class honours from Glasgow School of Art. Although my degree was in design my work was very sculptural -one off wall pieces. I was awarded a travelling scholarship to fund a trip to Crete.There I studied the artefacts and ruins which prompted my post graduate studies in print making , paper making and ceramics.
I became a qualified Art and Design teacher in 2005. I continue to both teach and paint.

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