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Arab Modesty

13 December 2020

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White n Black Skin

13 December 2020

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Arab Woman

13 December 2020

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13 December 2020

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13 December 2020

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13 December 2020

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The world you see around is nothing but an illusion.

13 December 2020

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The ladies of the lake.

Here Under the darkness the brightness of the lake ladies is as bright as it looks over the lake. Their reflection in lake shines and brighten up their overall presence. Here it depicts women from any background or in any relation need to uplift eachother and be supportive.

13 December 2020

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Pink Land

Every Woman wants to be praised and surrounded by many compliments. This portrait depicts a woman who is strong and beautiful and the world praises her efforts and she possess a strong character.

13 December 2020

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Beenish Malik
United Arab Emirates
Favorite Quote
Art washes away the dust of everyday life.Picasso
About My Art
I am an Acrylic artist and the medium I have mainly worked in is abstract or still painting. My work depicts mainly about women who are strong, independent, courageous and beautiful. Also I have symbolized my work with freedom, heritage and purity.To me beauty is what you see in finding yourself and conquering it by spreading peace around you and helping humanity.
About Me
By profession, I am a banker with a compliance background but also a painter; and this interest from this year has increased and goes side by side.

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