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Christopher Hunnicutt
United States
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About My Art
Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt is life long visual/kinetic/multimedia artist; his work is collected and exhibited internationally. In his work, Christopher explores processes that play with recognition and orientation around kinetic relationships and the composition of visual narratives. He is interested in exploring different art media while developing techniques through an emergent process of exploration and discovery. “Working spontaneously, without preconceived notion, allows the painting to paint itself; this process recursively informs by expressing the character of its own design and process, reflecting the context of the approach. It's like getting out of the way so that the fingers of our fundamental nature can inform.” ~Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt Often, he encourages the viewer to compose and narrate/interpret their own experience of his work. He thinks that this can evoke an intersubjective relationship/dialogue with the viewer and the work itself; freeing the viewer to translate what they see through their own viewpoint, process, and perspective to explore the potential of what he calls the “permeable visual narratives.” People have reported a dream-like effect, seeing intricate scenes while viewing/ experiencing his works.
About Me
Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Christopher attended the University of Iowa’s College of Liberal Arts between 1990 and 1993, studying Watercolor/Acrylic Painting, Life/Media Drawing, and Graphic Design in the School of Art. https://art.uiowa.edu/about/historical-timeline-school-art-and-art-history

2004 -2006: Christopher worked for and under the guidance of figurative ceramic sculptor Tinka Jordy https://tinkajordy.com in the production of ceramics.

2018-2020: Active member of the Global Art Project (GAP), an International collaborative collective promoting the creative intelligence of the global arts community, with Curator and founder of GAP, Carl Heyward, Global ART Project, and the collaborative efforts of all those participating.


-2017 New Poster Book Exhibition, Vernissage Nagykanizsa Hungary,

- 2018 GLOBAL ART PROJECT Visual Strategies Exhibition, A Collaborative Project, ClearWater Artists Studio Gallery, Concord, N.C, USA. curated by Mikel Frank/Carl Heyward

-2018 GAP VII Senegal (Dakar)
Global Art Project  @ Sobo Bade L'Engoument Art Complex
Residency, Exhibition, Workshops, Solo and Collaborative Studios
December 23 2018 - January 25 2019

-2019, 10dence gallery exhibition/campaign - Global Art Project  
Sint-Amanduskapel - Campo-Santo  in Ghent, Belgium
August 28 - September 16, curated by Ron Weijers and Carl Heyward

-2019 no/ MIND Portraits  (Photography) 
Global Art Project East Village View Gallery, NYC USA
September, 2019 curated by Carl Heyward

-2020 Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, CA, “CrossingBorders” Collective Exhibition; Crossing Borders explores different interpretations of  borders with over 30 international artists.

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