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- mg 5542 - Work-#297  - mg 5542 -

Anniversary postacards

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Radix (Swiss Network of Healthy and Sustainable Schools) I have designed a series of postcards conveying the importance of physical as well as mental health in schools and universities. On the front of the cards I am using simple messages using verbs in the infinitive: express myself, laugh, invent… and on the back a unique message for the 4 cards: that’s what I like at school! A positive message in the first person singular evoking the complicity to have in the school environment. The cards were published in French, German and Italian.

25 Juin 2020

- decc81coralsols 5 - Work-#296  - decc81coralsols 5 -

DécoraSols - brand identity

DécoraSols is an interior design agency which is specialized in floor, curtains and customized furniture. I had the pleasure to design their logotype and business card. They wanted a fresh and modern brand identity, that’s why I suggested them to have a strong visual contrast with a deep black text and a bright electric green as a symbol. The green slash separating Décora (design) and Sols (floors) suggest their two main activities, also could suggest the light going through the curtains. The business card’s verso was printed with spot varnish on the words’ cloud. These words describe their services.

25 Juin 2020

- affiche fims 3 - Work-#295  - affiche fims 3 -

Festival's poster

I have participated in producing the visual that will identify the International Holy Music Festival for 5 years. These visuals below have been developed on the theme of modest, but singing birds. I played with the unexpected colors of the bird that makes it realistic and unrealistic at the same time. It became a kind of mystical and holy bird. I was in charge of the posters design, festival’s program, promotional flyers, online and offline ads, and badges.

25 Juin 2020

- mg 0927 2 - Work-#293  - mg 0927 2 -

Seasonal theaters’ visual conception

I had the chance to be involved in the conception of the seasonal visual concept for the two biggest theaters in Fribourg, Switzerland. For the season 2016-2017, the idea was to represent the shows and spectators with some trippy mushrooms, standing there, curious to discover what the art of the scene has to offer them this season. The slogan of the season is “imagine the imaginary” invites the spectator to expand his imagination even before entering the theater. I had a blast every year researching inspiration, experimenting with some very creative visuals and then adapting the visuals to different promotional support like posters, the seasonal program’s book, advertisements and so on.

25 Juin 2020

- 05 mockup gold - Work-#292  - 05 mockup gold -

Festival International de Musiques Sacrées

Every second year, the International Holy Music Festival in Fribourg needed a new visual for their communication. This year, I have created a luxuriance of baroque music notes dancing together. The challenge was to create the effect of gold without using gold print in order to keep the costs as low as usual.

25 Juin 2020

- mg 0962 2 - Work-#291  - mg 0962 2 -

OZ - corporate identity

OZ is a coaching and make-over service. “Ose” in french means to dare. Dare something different, dare challenging yourself, dare to improve your life. The client wanted a modern, stimulating and authentic corporate identity. I created this logo using lively and vibrant colors. Colors that the client particularly cared about. I also worked on a simple presentation website and I took portraits of her.

25 Juin 2020

- cornet ok 5 - Work-#290  - cornet ok 5 -


I created the brand identity for an eco-friendly fish & chips food truck. My main idea was to use fishes that are labeled by the MSC and/or WWF. The main product, the perch (which is really tasty deep-fried) is from Lac Leman (the closest lake) making it sustainable. I really enjoyed designing this project and being part of the brand strategy concepts.

25 Juin 2020

- trida 2 - Work-#288  - trida 2 -

Trida de Luxe

Trida de Luxe bar soaps needed a fresh new look but still be recognizable by its loyal customers. The watercolor of the flower on the wrapping paper suggests a traditional hand-made soap while the serif and a strong contrasted thickness of the font gives a luxurious feeling.

25 Juin 2020

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Lucie Meier
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About My Art

I am a graphic design specialized into cultural and social institution’s communication. I design mainly print materials but I can also built a simple and nice website through WordPress. I love to create visual identities and, event posters and logotype.

À propos de moi
I was born in July 1988, in Switzerland. I grew up in a tiny village on the top of a mountain. There’s not much to do there apart from looking at the beautiful view. So as a kid, my main activity was to play in the forest on sunny days, and on rainy days at home, crafting some houses, cloths and building up my trolls empire.

I love challenging myself, in my work and in my personal life. When I go out of my comfort zone and I succeed, it makes me feel unstoppable and super strong. That’s also why I moved to Amsterdam in 2017, for a brand new life experience, that was a fun, exciting and a challenging adventure and I loved every bit of it! But for love I moved to Budapest in 2019 and I instantly fell for this beautiful, vibrant city and I want to be part of the buzzing creative environment there is here.

I am naturally curious and I like to pay attention to the small details of everyday life. I like to go to the theater and to summer festivals. In winter, I like to go snowboarding on fresh snow and eat a good Swiss fondue afterward.

People I worked with say I am versatile, cheerful and insightful.

Lucie Meier

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