The World of Pop Art

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The World of Pop Art

Art having a flat style with colorful graphics that also includes commercial art, always kick pop art into our minds. This art movement emerged during the mid of 20th century and the US and UK are known as its origin. In today’s world, pop art is not seen as a reflection of pop culture but defined as very much part of it.

Mid of the 20th century was much like an economic boom time for many supermarkets when product advertisements and lustrous magazines are influencing buyer’s minds for what to choose and what to buy. Film stars filling theaters are responsible for the emergence of celebrity culture and youth rallies during the civil rights era in the 1950s, all combined to play their role in the appearance of pop culture. Out of this pop culture, pop art came into existence.

A well-known American artist, Andy Warhol who was also the leading figure in pop art movement, said;

Everything is Art”.

Pop art was somewhat considered as the reaction to abstract expressionism having introverted nature. Because it is filling the canvases with flags, targets, and paintings of many other junk materials. Pop art was contemplated as a clone of Dadaism, but these are quite different from each other. Two American artists, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns were the first pop artists in the US. British artists, Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton are also included in the list of early artists who was also paving the way for the pop art movement in the UK.

Topmost Famous Pop Art Artists

 The work of Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Richard Hamilton can’t be forgotten as they were leading the pop arts in its early stages. They were the first pop artists in the US and UK who introduce the pop arts to the world. Pop arts can’t be completed with the names of these artists.

 Richard Hamilton

This artist is one pop arts leader in the United Kingdom who used cutouts of different product advertisements from American glossy magazines. He was also branded as the inspiration for other English artists like Peter Blake and David Hockney. This is why critics wrote him “ Godfather of Pop Art

Richard Hamilton - Pop Artist pop art - 11 1 300x251 - The World of Pop Art

Richard Hamilton

Andy Warhol

One of the important figures of this visual art movement,

this American artist, a filmmaker is known as the king of pop. Campbell’s Soup Cans is one of his masterpieces that the pop art world has witnessed. He was the master of screen-prints by using the ink-laden squeegee technique for printing photos onto his canvases.

Andy Warhol - Pop Artist pop art - Andy warhol 2 300x251 - The World of Pop Art

Andy Warhol

Roy Lichtenstein

This American pop artist was very much inspired by comic books and colorful advertisements. He was known for intimating the American culture with bright colors and hard-edged graphics. He used stencils and commercial printing processes to create his pop artwork.

Roy Lichtenstein - Pop Artist pop art - 12 300x251 - The World of Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein

Claes Oldenburg

The Swedish-born American artist was much known for his sculptor work, making large replicas of everyday things. But his work for pop art is also not less than others too.

He was known for transforming odds into arts like turning toilets commodes into cushions, named as “ Soft Toilet ”.

Claes Oldenburg - pop artist pop art - 800px Claes Oldenburg 02 206x300 - The World of Pop Art

Claes Oldenburg

Annandale Imitation Realists

This was a group of Australian artists founded in 1961 who included junks and odds into the canvases as an open protest. They conducted two exhibitions the same year, 1962, and called their work “Exuberant” and “Chaotic” that includes bizarre character paintings, drawings of doodlers, and collages consisting of junk and plastic objects.

Pop art by Colin Lanceley pop art - 218 - The World of Pop Art

The Dry Salvages 1963-64 © Colin Lanceley

Although this movement was dissolved in 1964 with the departure of Colin Lanceley to Europe, their works were represented in major galleries of Australia like the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

· End of Defiance

Pop art has made its name in the hearts of Australian artists. Martin Sharp and Brett Whiteley AO were considered the first Australian artists who accepted American and British pop art enthusiastically. The work of Brett Whiteley in pop art is the confirmation of this.

Contribution of Paul Taylor

This Australian is more than known as an art critic either an artist. He was the publisher of the Australian first art journal, Art and Text. The reason for mentioning his name here is his work for Post-Pop Art. Because it was Paul in the Australian art field who is focusing on the mindset of the new generation towards pop art by borrowing masterpieces of pop art from the past.

The space that pop art had gained in Australia even after strong defiance of Annandale Imitation Realists was all due to the tireless efforts of Paul Taylor through his art journal. Pop art will always be thankful to Paul Taylor for introducing this American and British pop culture explosion in Australia and create a strong influence on the youth mindset towards the pop arts

Pop Arts by Andy Warhol – King’s Work

Coca cola - pop art pop art - Coca Cola by andy warhol 209x300 - The World of Pop Art

If you think he was using arts for advertisement, then I must say that you totally got him wrong. He was known for making advertisements as art and he was doing this when pop art is referred to as an emerging field. That’s why people still call him “King of Pop”. Worth-mentioning advertisements as his art are Coca-Cola, S&H Green Stamps, and Campbell Soup Cans.

He used rubber stamps and stencils for his paintings, but he also worked with silkscreens to fasten his work. He was not only obsessed with product advertisements but also with the portraits of celebrities that were reproduced from the images printed on newspapers, magazines, and publicity stills.


Pop Art by Roy Lichtenstein

Different colors, bright graphics, and circular dots are the identity of Roy Lichtenstein’s work which was mainly inspired by

 the 1950s famous comic books. His paintings also included some phrases written in fancy font styles.

Whaam” and “Ohhh Alright” were the masterpieces by these American pop artists that set records in auctions.

Whaam - pop art by Roy Lichtenstein pop art - Whaam   Roy Lichenstein 300x120 - The World of Pop Art

What Makes Pop Art Pop?

When we have a look at some iconic work of this visual art movement, we will easily understand that pop art is all about recognizable imagery, use of bright colors, sarcastic phrases, innovative techniques, and a wide variety of materials. These characteristics make pop art-pop that’s why it is widely used in the advertisement industry because the mixture of these characteristics stimulates the buyer’s mind and he ends up buying that thing.

We try our best below to help you understand these characteristics a little;

· Recognizable Imagery

Soda Pop clip art pop art - 652702 300x291 - The World of Pop Art

Brand names, logos, and commercial items that we are seeing in our daily life are incorporated with pop art. Images or icons of daily products are often used in pop arts like Andy Warhol used Brillo box – brand of soap pads, Campbell’s soup cans, and Coca-Cola Bottle images.

· Bright Colors

This characteristic inspires the youth very much because they find other paintings in exhibitions boring. Red, Yellow, and Blue are the prominent colors in the pop art paintings. These eye-catching colors also help in seeking the attention of the audience.

9/11 Memorial site - pop art pop art - gensa hub DNG4HqwNt2Q unsplash 300x200 - The World of Pop Art

· Sarcastic Phrases

The use of mocking and travesty phrases in the paintings are very much describing the scenario of the painting. This characteristic tells about what the painted character is thinking, feeling, saying, or expressing.

· Innovative Techniques

There is a number of techniques that are originated with the emergence of pop art. These techniques might be used to fasten the painting work like the use of silkscreens has made work much faster than the stencils and stamps.

· Combination of Materials

Pop art is not always about the paintings on canvases, there can be many more than that. Use of different kinds of stuff to make junky substantial like Claes Oldenburg do – soft sofa made of cushions.

pop art - f80b3217bb197417e1e17f27b3b7c9af 228x300 - The World of Pop Art

Claes Oldenburg, Soft Alphabet, 1978

“Masterpiece” by Roy Lichtenstein – Most Expensive Pop Artwork

1962 pop art, Masterpiece had become the most expensive painting of all time for the pop art movement in 2017 when it was sold for 165 million dollars as a private sale. This painting is a fine combination of Ben Day and storyteller speech balloon.

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