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Shawn Wiggan
United States
Cita favorita
The creation of the universe itself is the greatest masterpiece in which we can draw Inspiration.
About My Art
I started as a cartoonist and would create my own comic books. Moreover, I prefer to do a variety of composition sketches before all my paintings, visualizing where each object will be within the painting. The grid technique is often used for portraits and my favorite brushes are flat brushes. It is important for me to maintain the care of my brushes to get positive results in all my paintings.
Sobre mí
Impressionist, Realism, Artist living in New York City. Conversely, started painting at 12 years old growing up on the Island of Jamaica. I study people and try to display a visual version of who they are in my artwork. I love painting historical figures or historical events, I obtain most of my inspiration from historical documentaries. The great aspect of being an expressionist involves observing the world in action on a daily basis, there is always something worth painting. Conversely, the world is our greatest subject.

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