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Thomas Greenslade
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About My Art
tommietommie Art Gallery has in-stock DECORATIVE PAINTINGS 4 all Homes & Offices Be Beautiful 4 Situations! Present something complimentary with calculative impressions, A REAL WORK OF ART to your BELOVED, FAMILY, FRIENDS & CLIENTS every moment in time. Our Decorative Painting has a grasp of feeling that wells out of the soul & with sheer pleasure takes control. They are full of arrested motion & moods attributable to life forms, held fixed with paint that re-lives every time it is looked at. The compositions are just poems without words & a tour guide leading the way. tommietommie is an Art Gallery with affordable & classless dimensions of Paintings in Abstract & Realism ideal for all kinds of Homes & Office interior decor. We have ONE for EVERYONE! One to remain a Personal / Family Relic & add Positive Emotions & a Good Mood for always. Select, Order or Buy an Artwork of preference within constraint of budget from our Gallery & you will always have won. Create beauty spots with our outstanding piece of artistry that relives. tommietommie Art Gallery +233 26 222 66 55 tommietommie90@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/tommietommie-Art-Gallery-483122051879504/
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Art Expressionist

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