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Sharon Seah
Cita favorita
Art is the quality of communication.
About My Art
Abstract Art, Mixed Media, Water Colours, Gouache, Acrylic on canvas and on paper. I like to paint abstract landscapes primarily and mostly in a loose, relaxed style. My signature style is a play on colours . Art is the quality of communication. What does my art say to you , how it makes me feel, how it makes you feel is important to me. Everyone is different and my art communicates in the language of you . Love me, love my art.
Sobre mí
I am a self taught artist based in Melbourne,Australia. I loved art since I was a kid and started learning about art through visiting galleries, learning about art histories, but never picking up the paint brush to create something of my own. When I did , I realised how much I have missed not having started earlier.

My favorite medium is Gouache and I am continuously learning how to create better and better art.

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