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'Make It So-Sailboat', 28"x22", Acrylic on canvas

This was a commissioned painting by the owner of the cruise/sailboat. The setting is near Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

05 April 2020

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Paul Henderson
United States
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Variety is the Spice of Life. Breath in..live life NOW! Do or not do..NOW.
About My Art
Sobre mí
A do a variety of subjects with different media; from Abstract to very Realistic, from Landscapes to Still-life, from Fantasy to Iconic American Indian, from abstract realism to Cityscapes. I paint mostly with Acrylic on canvas or panel but also paint with oil, watercolor, mixed media and with 100% COFFEE on watercolor paper. I desire and seek creativity, life and wisdom. I love to show color, textures and light.

I have been working at painting for over 46 years and been drawing for many more. I have shown my originals mostly in the USA and Hawaii but some of those galleries sold to collectors Internationally. But I have been showing my paintings online to the rest of the world since 2010.


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