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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 50 W x 60 H x 2 D cm I like to paint flowers. They are so beautiful and so quickly fade ... I want to catch those wonderful moments! When the tulips bloom, spring comes!

03 Marzo 2021

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Natalia Marinoha
Cita favorita
Art is a line around your thoughts. ― Gustav Klimt
About My Art
I TRY TO REFLECT THE BEAUTY OF THIS WORLD ! Taking inspiration from nature, I create something of my own in art. It is especially important that my painting evokes positive emotions. Painting is my favorite thing and joy! It is very similar to an exciting journey into the world that I create myself. It's very nice when the audience is happy with me!
Sobre mí
I was born in Russia. I studied art history, painting and textile design at the Faculty of Applied Arts of Moscow State Textile University. As of 1988 i resides in Latvia, working as a freelance artist and costume designer in the theater. I like Japanese painting, photography, nature, digital art and much more.
I participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Germany, France and other countries and held 12 solo exhibitions. My works are in private and public collections in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, France, Germany, USA, Japan and other countries.

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