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Cornelia Nowa
"no man is an island"
About My Art
My art is mainly pencil drawings and acrylic paintings. The materials i use are paper, cardboard and canvas. As someone who loves nature most of my artworks depict characters of the natural environment such as animals, water and more. My works are symbolic like a crossword puzzle, the picture holds clues to a bigger story behind the piece. That is for the beholder to explore.
Über mich
Ava creations features artworks by artist Cornelia Nowa. I have always loved art since I encountered art in kindergarten. Over the years, powered by curiosity, I have taught myself how to capture images from my mind onto the artwork. What inspires me is my environment. Anything that catches my eye in my environment becomes the story of my next project. I would love to share my inspirations and stories with more people around the world so that more people can get inspired to admire the little things we see around us.

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