All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?

acrylic painting - What is acrylic painting 1 - All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?

A much popular technique of painting was widely used by artists after the 1960s. Fast-drying paint is when used to portray on some canvas, it is called Acrylic Painting. This paint got the attention of artists due to their fast-drying and water-resistant abilities. Acrylic paint is made up of pigments that are suspended in acrylic polymers.

This paint is a water-based solution for artists. It is very user-friendly as acrylic paint is water-soluble. This paint also becomes water-resistant once it dries. Water is medium in these paints and that makes it different from oils. The best thing about these paints is that you can use it in both thick and thin forms depending upon how much you are adding water into it.

A Deep Dig in History

Acrylic paints don’t have any long history like oil paints and watercolors that have deep roots in the old times of arts. The work on the Acrylic resins was started after the publication of Otto Rohm’s thesis about the polymerization products of acrylic acid. Then in 1934, acrylic resin brought into existence by a German company BASF-SE by the efforts of Otto Rohm and Otto Hass.

After the invention of acrylic resin, the product is used to dry oils from the lacquers and industrial paints. The transformation of acrylic resin into acrylic paints was made by Sam Golden and Leonard Bocour in 1947 under the brand name of Magna Paints. Although this 1947s paint is quite different from today’s acrylic paints, both these Americans are known as the original inventors of acrylic paints.

Acrylic paints were used for only industrial purposes. Different combinations were also introduced in the market to meet the user need like water-based acrylic paints were presented as house paints. After the introduction of high viscosity acrylic paints, in 1936, Cryla was the brand who first started manufacturing the artists’ acrylic paints.

Techniques of Acrylic Painting

To start your artistic journey, you should be aware of diverse techniques that can help you in achieving a vibrant rich colored painting. This variety of styles offer you the artistic freedom to express your painting valiantly. Below discussed are the best-known techniques of acrylic painting to get your desired outcome.

What is acrylic painting acrylic painting - Acrylic Paintings - All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?

  • Dry brush
    The name clearly elaborates that the dry brush i.e. not diluted with water will be loaded with paint. It will create a textured and uneven lined painting best for the development of landscape painterly effect.
  • WashingTo impart a transparent look of color washing technique is used. An ample volume of water is used to create the translucent tincture. Do remember that the acrylic paint sets permanently.
  • Stippling
    The fascinating and textured Image formation by the accumulation of tiny dots. Stiff brushes are used for this artistic purpose. The inter dot’s space defines the picture effectively created with the help of different colors.
  • Splattering
    This flickering technique supports masterpieces like abstract art, quixotic, or romantic concept. A justly wet brush is required dipped into acrylic paint. The gentle sharp strokes onto your canvas provide a spray of paint forming the delineated painting.
  • Dabbing
    Dabbing exhibits the movement in your painting like the water in a river, the trees in the air, etc. The stiff brush, the sponge, or paper towel are used in this technique. A sudden thrust is applied to the brush to impart paint on your working space.
  • Palette knife
    This technique can be described as the artistic way of applying the cream to a cake or butter to a slice of bread. You need a palette knife only loaded with acrylics and scraping up the paint onto your canvas.

Renowned Work

acrylic painting acrylic painting - Acrylic Paint 300x234 - All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?Many of the famous artists have adopted acrylic paints to picture their ideas and thoughts on canvas. A lot of pleasant work has been made till the usage of acrylic paints by the artists after the 1960s. Some of the worth mentioning work is as below;

  • Alpha-Pi by Morris L. Bernstein
    This painting is one of the first of its kind, created in 1960 by a fine American painter, professionally known as Morris Louis. Different colors are flowing diagonally in an irregular stream from the width sides of the canvas towards the bottom edge.
  • Whaam by Roy Lichtenstein
    acrylic painting definition acrylic painting - Acrylic Paints 300x156 - All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?This pop art is a masterpiece from 1963, created by an American artist, Roy Fox Lichtenstein. Whaam is actually an action scene that is being portrayed by the artist on a canvas. In which one fighter plan is shooting rockets on the enemy plane. Whaam is written on the left side of the painting, referring to the sound effect of the explosion.
  • and Mrs. Clark and Percy by David Hockney
    A well-known English artist, David Hockney painted this masterpiece in 1973. This painting is a portrait of a fashion designer, Mr. Clark, and his wife, and the name Percy in the title refers to their cat who is sitting on Mr. Clark’s knee. This painting is currently in the National Gallery of British Arts, London.

Types of Acrylic Paints

acrylic painting basics acrylic painting - usage of acrylic paints 300x200 - All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?The diversity and versatility make the acrylic painting more entertaining to adopt. It offers a large room to the artists by providing various techniques and types to fulfill their interests. It is reliable as it sets permanently with the fast-drying property. Let’s have a look at the well-known types of this medium.

  • Fluid Acrylics
    Very low consistent paints with smoother effects. Their pictorial representation depicts the double cream effect. These are used to present the runny and staining effect in your tincture.
  • Open Paints
    This type of paint is famous for its slow drying nature. Depending on the properties of the paint used, the open paint’s drying time varies from a few hours to weeks. Their smoother consistency allows wet into wet painting onto your canvas.
  • Heavy Body Acrylics
    The name clearly depicts that they are the heaviest paints. The layer is thicker resembling oil paints. It’s like the soft butter layer on the working plane. These viscous paints are consistent in nature. The concept of depth and movement is well conveyed by these acrylic paints.
  • Soft Body Acrylics
    These are low viscous and smoother paints. Despite low viscosity they still able to retain their thickness representing the flowing concept. They can cover the large surface area and are used for the fine detailing of the graphic.
  • Interactive Acrylics
    This is the best type near to me. As it gives the painter the freedom to paint. It is a fast-drying paint in nature but with a bonus of uncorking principle. The uncork principle means that it allows the painter to re-wet his/her interactive painting for getting more creativity and working time.
  • Gouache Acrylics
    It is a combination of gouache and acrylic. Their combination makes them waterproof with excellent coverage ability and is not working on the uncork principle like gouache. It gives an opaque-matte look with the quick-drying property.

Most Expensive Work

Acrylic paintings are also one of the most expensive paintings in the field of arts. Untitled (1982) has become the most expensive work in the world, created by J.M. Basquiat when it was sold for 110 million dollars in 2017 in an auction at Sotheby’s New York.

  • Untitled (1982) by Jean Michel Basquiat
    An American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat created this most expensive acrylic painting of today’s world. There is a black skull in the painting that has angry eyes and different other colors are also used in it. This painting is currently owned by a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa who is also known as an art collector.

acrylic painting styles acrylic painting - collectors of acrylic paintings - All You Should Know About Acrylic Painting?

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