Artroom24, under the parent company, Intense Luminosity LLC, which was established in 2018, was developed to create an online social selling platform solely focused on art. Its founder and current CEO, Alan Smith, hopes to bridge technology and fine art.

Artroom24, just recently launched and is now in full capacity. It opened doors for traditional artists and art enthusiast alike to have space where they can sell and collect art without any middle party globally. Artroom24 aims to help aspiring new and upcoming fine artists and sculpture a platform to build their brand.

social marketplace - no image - About Us
social marketplace - no image - About Us

Company Values

  • Integrity
    Be real; be true to yourself.
  • Excellence
    To do great things, one must do small things in a significant way.
  • Passion
    You can do anything as long as you have the drive, the conviction and the focus.
  • Accountability
    Take ownership and responsibility of your work, your task, and your time.
  • Diversity
    We celebrate what is both common and different.

The Company

Intense Luminosity LLC
Heiletenweg 4
4450 Sissach

Company Number: CHE-218.641.837
VAT Number: CHE-218.641.837 MWST

Email: support@artroom24.com
Skype: intenseluminosity
Phone: +41 61 536 43 28

social marketplace - no image - About Us

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